PRT Wheels

Designing an Ecommerce Website for an Off Road Adventure Brand

Motivating others to get off the beaten path and play in the dirt, PRT Wheels is adrenaline fueled retailer for off-road wheels that are as rugged as their customers. We collaborated with PRT Wheels to design and develop an eCommerce website that reflected the “awesomeness” behind the sports their wheels are geared towards.

The guys behind PRT Wheels are one in the same with the interests and lifestyles of their customers. That’s exactly how we wanted their consumers to feel – as if they are buying from guys like them – that get it. Of course, the end goal of the site is to increase sales of their state-of-the-art wheels. Using the homepage as the perfect mixture between brand lifestyle and product introduction, the user experience of the website is sexy and awesome but at the same time, comfortable and user-friendly.

All in all, the website excels in encompassing the visual appeal of off-road sports, relating to the relevant audience and initiating a growth in online sales for PRT Wheels.